Engage in relationship with god and others

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus lived in relationship with his Father and those he came to save. In the Book of Acts, the early church did the same, both worshiping God and loving others. 

At Elm Grove, our mission includes the same. We want to engage in relationship with God through energetic, impactful worship and through daily obedience built on spiritual disciplines.

Our church isn't perfect, but our focus is clear: we want to love God and love people, just as Jesus did and commanded.

Equip people for life and service

The statistics are overwhelming...Christians on the whole don't read their Bibles, pray regularly, lead their families spiritually, maintain unshakable marriages, avoid the traps of addictions, live profoundly different from the world, or experience inexplicable joy and peace.

Part of our vision is to change that by seeking to equip people for life and service. Our ministries are designed not for entertainment, but to provide people with the knowledge and tools necessary for godly living in an ungodly world and for serving others.

Evangelize the lost, locally and globally

According to Jesus, the mission of the church hinges on making disciples of all nations. We take seriously our responsibility to take the love and gospel of Jesus to our community, region, and world. We believe we are called to evangelize the lost, locally and globally.