your first visit

When should I attend?

Sundays at 10:00 AM: Here you'll find a friendly atmosphere, energetic music, challenging and practical Bible teaching, and a place we think anyone can all home. Enter the Sanctuary through the doors nearest the highway.

Wednesdays at 5:45 PM: Throughout the summer months, we have "Family Fun Nights". Check our Elm Grove Facebook page for events, dates and times. 

When school is back in session, we go back to our regular schedule. We offer a free meal, followed by activities and Bible study for all ages. Enter the Fellowship Building through the double-glass doors.

What about my kids?


Sunday School classes for all children (birth-6th grade), youth (7-12th grade), and adults are offered each week at 9 AM. Children and youth classes meet in our Fellowship Building. Various adult classes meet in both the Fellowship and Education Buildings.


Worship KidStyle--a kid-specific experience--is offered for children up to 4th grade during the 10 AM service each Sunday. Kids attending WKS exit as a group during the "welcome" time of the morning service.



TeamKid--an energetic, practical, biblical, interactive time for kids through 6th grade--meets every Wednesday night during the school year. 


Our youth ministry, for students in 7th-12th grade, gathers for worship, practical Bible lessons, and friendship upstairs in the Youth Room of the Fellowship Building.


Safety and Security

During all Sunday and Wednesday gatherings, for children up to 6th grade, we provide "child check-in," a service that guarantees YOU are the only one to whom your children will be released. 


What should I wear? 

At Elm Grove, you'll see people in business casual wear, shorts, dresses, and a little of everything in between. One thing you won't likely see is anyone in a suit, including the pastor.